4 Tips to Calm Anxious Pets Before Boarding

Whether you’re planning a business trip with your company or a vacation with your friends, leaving your pets at a pet boarding facility is often the best solution for your furry friends. Pet boarding facilities ensure that your pet’s needs are taken care of while you’re away. Still, most pet owners feel a little anxious about leaving their pets. Likewise, many pets experience fearfulness and anxiety when separated from their family and left at a pet boarding facility.

In this article, we’ll look at some excellent tips to calm your pet’s anxiety before boarding.


4 Tips to Calm Anxious Pets Before Boarding


To make the pet boarding experience easier and more pleasant for your pet, follow these tips:


1.   Choose the Facility Wisely


If you’re planning to leave your pet at a boarding facility, you need to do some research. Make sure you pick a reputable boarding facility that will treat your pets with the care they deserve. The better the facility, the more comfortable your pet will be. A good facility will treat your pet as if it’s their own and care for its every need. This will give your pet a great experience that eases their anxiety and helps make the next boarding a more pleasant experience.


A great way to ensure you’ve found a good pet boarding facility is to go for a tour before sending your pet. Check the environment, workers’ professionalism, and make sure there’s a vet available for emergency cases.


2.   Socialize Your Pet


Socialization skills are essential for dogs. Even if your dog is well socialized, take them to the pet boarding facility to get to know the employees and the environment. Let your pet get comfortable with everything in the boarding center while you are with them. If your dog becomes anxious and fearful upon the visit or hesitates to socialize, do your best to calm them and create a positive experience with the facility.


3.   Send Them with Items from Home


One of the biggest causes of anxiety with pets and boarding facilities is the change in environment. Your animal is now experiencing new smells, new people, other animals, and a new environment that can make them feel nervous. To ease their anxiety, bring their favorite items from home. This can include things like sleeping mats, toys, or clothes frequently used by your pet. You can also leave them with a blanket that you’ve used to keep your scent close.


4.   Give Instructions to Boarding Staff


Help your boarding facility get to know your pet. If they don’t socialize well with others, the facility should know in advance. Share any helpful information that can make your pet’s stay more comfortable. For example, discuss what makes your pet anxious or aggressive. Bring your pet food from home and share their feeding schedule. The better your boarding staff knows your animal when you leave, the easier it will be for them to keep your furry friend comfortable while you’re gone.


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