5 Aesthetic Roof Designs for Any Home

When looking at building a home, the main feature that is overlooked is the roof. Most people don’t worry about the design and just go with the most simple and easiest option, but the roof can make or break the feel of the home. The look of the exterior of the home can also make or break the cost and beauty of the home. To decrease the stress on this process of choosing a design, most contractors present the homeowner with options that are most structurally stable and help the homeowners put their mind to ease and not worry about another decision for their home. But any and every homeowner should want to choose and find a design for their roof that they will love.

Here are 5 aesthetic roof designs for any home.


One of the most aesthetic and calming roof designs anyone could have is the flat roof. There are no curvatures or slants in this roof. Although it may look like there is no curve or slant to the roof, there has to be a small one in order to make sure there isn’t a build up of water or debris, so there has to be around a 10 degree slope to prevent this. It is a very modern take on the roof and creates an aesthetic feel to any modern home.

Cross Hipped

This intriguing roof design is a very popular variation of the hip roof design, which is described as roofs where the roof is downward sloped on each side of the home, creating a pyramidal shape. This roof also has no major additions like gables or other slopes to help keep the uniform look as well as the modern and chic look of the exterior of the home. The variation comes into play when the roof has two intersecting sections that are perpendicular to each other.

M Shaped

The M shaped roof creates a very dramatic and striking silhouette that is quite different and drastic compared to other modern roofing designs. This roofing design creates a bold zigzag shape to the top of the home, making the simplest and most calming looking homes become statement pieces amongst neighborhoods.


The saltbox design comes from the New England area and traditionally uses a wooden frame to create the shape of a slanted hip shaped top. The only thing with this shape on the roof is that this roof creates such a shape that it is almost impossible to have a second story, so this shape is perfect for any one story home, but does not quite work with any two story house.


The final roofing design on this list might just be my favorite. This roofing design is where you just combine the roofing shapes that you know and love to create something unique that you love. The biggest risk for this design is that you can create shapes that create pools and areas on the roof that can cause problems in the long run, so it is a great idea to have a contractor to help you design an effective and working roof for your home.

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