5 Fences That Aren’t Your Plain and Standard Fence

Your privacy to your yard and home is one of the most important things to any household. A regular fence does get the job done in creating that privacy, but sometimes one may wonder, “Could I have a more fashionable, creative fence than that normal, plain picket or chain fence?” Most people wouldn’t bother too much with trying to create a new and crazy fence, but there are numerous options that will allow the homeowner to create a new fence that is unique to their style and household.



Here are 5 fences that aren’t your plain and standard fence.



Shorter Wooden Panels with Staining and Paint


Fencing is usually used to create a more private area in your yard, but sometimes using a shorter fence is more appealing and unique. A smaller fence can create a home-ier feel as well as a more quaint and cute feel to the yard and home. This also helps create an adorable feel to the space to help bring the entire yard together. To help add to the unique feel to the fence, most would use a stain or paint to customize it.



Strip Fencing


Strip fencing is when you take strips of wood and create a fencing layering the vertical strips of wood. Most would end up purchasing new lumber from a lumber yard to create a sense of uniqueness, but another popular way to create this kind of fencing, as well as trying to create a more earth-friendly fence. When creating the fence, all that is needed is wooden panels. The best way to create this look by recycling is by using reused wooden pallets.





For those unfamiliar with gabions, it is where metal wiring is used to hold stones and rocks together to create a barrier and fencing. It is a very stylish and unique fencing that is not seen commonly around neighborhoods. While it can be expensive in some cases, it is a very stylish addition to any fence. It also is primarily used with another kind of fencing, usually wood, to help create a contrast with other fences, creating an even more unique and special fencing.



Low-Level Fencing With Bushes


Similar to the first kind of fencing, this fencing is a more stylish type of fencing than a type of fencing that is more privacy driven. It is also a unique fence that creates a calming feeling to any yard. The fencing can be created using any material and bushes to help add to the height of the fence. It is a stylish and useful fence for any yard that is nothing like your traditional fence.



Planks Used as Deck Paneling and Fencing


When looking at fencing, one may want to create a cohesive pallet that brings the entire yard together. Any easy way to accomplish this effect is by using the same type of planks for deck paneling as well as fencing. It creates a lovely and cohesive feel in the yard.




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