5 Reasons Recycling is Important

When recycling items and materials at home, there are numerous reasons why it’s important. Whether it be for the environment, economy, or the future generations to come, there are tons of reasons.



Here are 5 reasons why recycling is extremely important.



  1. Keeping Trash Out of Landfills


When disposing of items in your home, most would just throw everything into the trash and not think a second thought about it. But what is not seen is how every pound of trash, recyclable or not, can increase the severity of how full landfills are and how quickly they are filling. Recycling helps keep that trash out of the landfill, creating less pollution, and reuse more resources.



  1. Reduces the Need for New Raw Materials


Using and extracting new raw materials whenever we are in need of more can get extremely expensive and use up a lot of clean water and energy, as well as pollute the planet. Recycling greatly reduces that increase of cost, usage of clean water and energy, and pollution, helping the planet in more ways than one.



  1. Conserving Energy


Like the previous point, recycling conserves a lot more energy than extracting raw materials. The more we recycle, the less we extract from our raw materials, the more energy we conserve, and even better, the more raw materials we can preserve. Recycling also saves enough energy that could power up to 14 million homes in one full year.



  1. Creating Jobs


Recycling plants and activities all about recycling create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the nation as well as produce around $36 billion in wages for those employed in a year. This shows that recycling is not only good for the environment, but good for our national economy as well.



  1. Reduces Pollution


The final and most important reason to recycle is that it reduces the amount of pollution in our world. Processing raw materials creates a lot of pollution and putting recyclable materials in landfills creates a huge amount of pollution as well. Recycling helps decrease both of the pollution in those areas and keep our environments pure and not affected by pollution. Some materials that have been left in landfills, when not properly disposed of, can emit methane while decomposing, which is a greenhouse gas that is almost 30 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and deteriorates our planet much faster. Keeping our recyclables out of landfills and recycling them will decrease the amount of pollution like there is no tomorrow for our world.



It is also important to make sure you know how to recycle correctly. Doing your research on what is recyclable and what is not is very important alongside these 5 reasons to recycle. Most plastics, paper, cardboard, and glass can be disposed of in bins at home, but some other materials must be disposed of carefully. Be sure to know what to do with your items before you throw them away!




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