5 Ways to Get Hair Out of Your Drain

If your bathtub or sink retains water, you are most likely dealing with a clogged drain. Drains can quickly become partially or completely blocked by hair or other chemicals. Even if you use a stopper, strands of hair can slip into your drains and create a blockage. Unlike other drain clogs, hair clogs are much easier to remove from your drains. Let’s discuss some simple methods to remove hair from your drain.


5 Ways to Remove Drain Blockages Caused by Hair


If you have a clogged drain that is blocked by hair buildup, here are some DIY methods you can try before calling a professional drain cleaning service.


1.   Use Wire Hanger or Tweezers


Pulling the hair out of your drain with tweezers or wire hangers is the most efficient technique for removing a clog from your drain. First, inspect the drain with a light to see how far down the blockage goes. Then, you can use long-nosed tweezers to remove the blockage. You can also use a wire hanger to grab the hair if you can’t see it. Simply mold the wire hanger into a hook that can perform the same function as a claw. It is a valuable tool for every homeowner to keep on hand in case of a simple drain clog.


2.Baking Soda


Hair can be effectively removed from drains using a solution of baking soda and vinegar. When combined, the two ingredients make a simple, environmentally friendly, and safe alternative to chemical drain cleaners. Pour equal parts of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to create an acidic chemical reaction that can assist in clearing drains and breaking down hair blockages. Let the solution sit in your drain for a few hours as it breaks down the buildup. After a few hours, rinse the drain with hot water to remove any residual particles.


3. Boiling Water


Boiling water is perhaps the easiest solution for hair removal from drains. One of the most typical causes of hair buildup in your drain is when hair sticks to soap and grease buildup on the inside of your pipes. Boiling water can often break down hair blockages and free up any debris accumulation that is creating the drain clogs. Simply boiling water in a pan and pouring it down the drain can remove most grease, soap, and hair accumulation, freeing up your drain.


4. Bleach


Using bleach can also help remove hair quickly. Pour a cup of liquid bleach down the drain, and the hair should disintegrate in approximately half an hour. If some remains, add another cup of bleach. Be sure to use proper ventilation any time you use bleach products inside.


5. Use Vacuum


If the hair blockage isn’t too far down the drain and the oil and soap buildup isn’t bad, you might be able to vacuum up the blockage. First, ensure that the drain is open and as dry as possible. Then, plug the top of the drain with a nozzle attachment and suck out the contents.


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