6 Easy Steps to Help Correct Incorrect Dog Training

With every dog and dog owner, there is a want and sometimes need for proper and correct dog training for the home, dog park, and when new people are around. In some cases, like a rescued dog, there is some left over training and behaviors that are unwanted by the new owners. This can also come from the start of when a new puppy is taken home, there can be unwanted behaviors and it is important to stop them from the start. Some of these bad behaviors can be inherited because of the breed they are and some behaviors are learned over time by age, training, and how the owner treats the dog.


Here are 6 basic steps to get started on altering and fixing incorrect dog training.

  1. Prevention

It is important to know what causes the bad behaviors for your pooch. Some things that are done at home or around them can be triggers to cause these bad behaviors. Knowing these triggers and preventing them from happening is an important step in correcting incorrect behavior.

  1. Exercise

In the cases of unwanted digging, chasing, and extreme energy, the best solution can be taking your dog on walks or the dog park. A buildup of energy in a dog can create these unwanted behaviors, so exercise and movement will help release all of this energy to have a more well behaved and calm dog at home.

  1. Redirection

Much similar to teaching a child, sometimes unwanted behaviors are instinct for the dog. The best way to get these behaviors to end is by redirecting the energy to better choices that the owner wants. Alongside preventing these behaviors, this is another very important step in correcting incorrect behaviors and training.

  1. Staying Calm

No matter what happens, if it makes you angry or upset in any way, it is important to make sure you do not get angry at the dog. Staying calm when with the pooch and trying to correct training helps make sure that the dog doesn’t freak out and also remains calm. Keeping gestures, words, and mannerisms calm and controlled will help fix training greatly.

  1. Socialization

Some unwanted behaviors come from the lack of socialization for the dog. Taking your dog to dog parks, on walks, or anywhere there are other people can help them calm down and become more accustomed to socialization and stay more calm around people, helping prevent those unwanted behaviors.

  1. Practice

The final and most important part of trying to fix improper dog training is practice and repetition. Reviewing the new behaviors daily will help the dog understand that these are the proper things to do and they will eventually learn that the other, bad behaviors that they did were not what to do.

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