Moving Scams to Watch Out For

When you’re relocating to a new place or a city, it seems like you need to keep track of hundreds of things to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Unfortunately, during a move, many people fail to pay enough attention to common moving scams. From the moving company you book to fraudulent services, here are some things you should watch for when you move.


What Is a Moving Scam?


A moving scam refers to fraud that a moving company carries out. After loading the items in the moving van, the company increases their rates and refuses to let go of them unless you agree to pay them a higher rate. Several red flags will help you differentiate between scammers and a genuine moving company.


Low Quotes


If a moving company offers you an incredibly low quote compared to quotes that you have gotten from other moving companies, this is undoubtedly a red flag. Since some quotes are too good to be true, you should look for other signs that tell you that the company is genuine or not. To ensure the authenticity of the moving company, you can also read reviews online or look up testimonials on their website. Still, go for a company that falls somewhere in the middle when you gather quotes.


Lack of Information


Many moving companies don’t provide a specific name for their moving services or do not have a proper business address listed. If a moving company doesn’t have any details beyond telephone numbers, you should immediately be on your toes. If you feel suspicious or don’t have a good feeling about a company, you should ask the movers to provide you with a business address to discuss the formalities and rates in person.


Bait and Switch


In a bait and switch situation, the moving company offers highly affordable rates and packages that fall into your budget range. As soon as you confirm the move, they start making excuses about how the rate was an estimate or how the rates have suddenly increased. If you feel that your movers might cause you trouble on moving day, it is better to find someone else before it’s too late.


Over-the-Phone Estimates


This moving company scam involves companies who only provide customers with packages and rates over the phone. They don’t offer an on-site inspection, which is why these rates are unreliable as they can be changed at any time. If you receive an on-site inspection, you will also be able to meet with the team. You will know for sure that they are authentic and not some scammers who will demand extra money at the last minute.


If you want to avoid dealing with fraud and scams, then you need to put in the time and effort to research the moving company you hire. You should also make sure you get your quote in writing signed by both you and your moving company. If you’re having trouble finding a reliable company, talk to friends and family for a recommendation.


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