How Are Vehicles Transferred Upon a Person’s Death?

Death is inevitable. When someone dies, there are several ways the person’s belongings are distributed. While the requirements for transferring assets vary based on the assets, there are different ways to transfer a vehicle. Here are some legal processes that you can consider when transferring your car to a beneficiary after you die.

3 Ways to Transfer Your Vehicle Upon Death

1.   An Estate Administration

This is a standard but a tedious route that can be taken to acquire the vehicle upon a loved one’s death. Using an estate planning process, such as a will, to transfer your car is a legal process that can go on for months before ownership of the vehicle is finally acquired. When a car is transferred through a will, your beneficiaries are often required to wait for any creditor’s claim until the vehicle is handed over. Depending on the state in which you live, this can take several months up to a year. Talk to your estate planner before deciding to transfer your vehicles through a will, as there are better options available depending on your circumstances.


2. Joint Titles

Another way to transfer death upon vehicle is by joint title. This means that after the death of one individual, the other owner acquires the vehicle. You will still need to deal with a legal process with joint titles as you transfer the deceased’s half of the property.  For total title transfer, approval from court for the distribution process to the beneficiary might be acquired.

One way to avoid the legal process and allow the surviving owner to acquire the vehicle’s title through a joint title is to specify the title as a joint tenant with ownership rights. For this, you’ll need to include the specific initials “JWROS” on the title. For example, John Doe and Jane Doe, JWROS. These particular titles are required to ensure that the title is transferred immediately upon death. Without these initials the other half of the vehicle’s interest will be in the possession of the estate and required to follow the necessary processes.

3. TOD Beneficiary Vehicle Claim

This is another legal way through which you can transfer a vehicle upon death. Talk to an estate planner to make sure TOD (Transfer on Death) is included with the title of your car. Filing the Transfer on Death paperwork requires both the owner and the beneficiary to be present when drafting the paperwork.

For acquiring the vehicle through TOD, the beneficiary must have the following items:

  • Copy of owner’s death certificate
  • Government issue I.D card
  • Copy of the certificate of vehicle and the designation for TOD beneficiary

Without these items, transfer of the vehicle cannot take place. The death and title certificates and the driving license must be submitted to the proper channels along with the submission fee. However, the submission fee for these processes is not high.

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What to Look for in a Commercial Roofer

Are you looking for a reliable roofer to handle your next commercial project but don’t know who to choose? Here are some tips to consider when hiring a commercial roofer.


Top Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Roofer


Before you sign a contract with a commercial roofer, you need to be sure you’ve found the right company for the job. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your commercial roofer.




Commercial roofing is a complicated process that requires the craftsmanship of a roofer who has worked with these types of projects. Ask about experience. Be sure that whoever you hire has a portfolio of successful jobs similar to your project requirements. Make sure that any workers they employ to help with your project have experience as well.


Licensed and Insured


Never hire any roofing company that can’t quickly provide you proof of proper licensing and insurance. Licenses and insurance are required in nearly every state for roofers to work legally. If your potential candidate is hesitant or they get offended when you ask for verification, they might not be a professional roofer.




You also want to find someone with a good reputation for professional service within your community. It’s always a good idea to hire locally. Local roofers can give you credible referrals that you can check out yourself. If your roofer doesn’t have a portfolio on their website, ask for some referrals. This will give you a better idea of the quality of their work. Look online for reviews and ask other business owners you know for recommendations. Hiring someone local will also give you a point of contact if future issues arise with your roof. Even your roof is damaged by weather; you’ll know you have someone to call when you need help with your roof.




Commercial roofing projects are expensive. You need to make sure your roof is under warranty, should there be any problems with defective roofing materials or poor craftsmanship. Reliable roofing companies already have warranties set in place. Look for a guarantee of at least ten years. Not only will this protect you if something happens, but it will also give you peace of mind that the company you hire is confident in their work.




Hiring a commercial roofer is a big project, and you need to be sure they are available to discuss the details when you have a question. Find someone with open lines of communication who is willing to pick up the phone when you call. This will allow you to discuss your project clearly, so you get the best results when your work is complete. Talk to your roofer about how long they expect your project to take, but understand delays beyond their control.


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4 Tips to Calm Anxious Pets Before Boarding

Whether you’re planning a business trip with your company or a vacation with your friends, leaving your pets at a pet boarding facility is often the best solution for your furry friends. Pet boarding facilities ensure that your pet’s needs are taken care of while you’re away. Still, most pet owners feel a little anxious about leaving their pets. Likewise, many pets experience fearfulness and anxiety when separated from their family and left at a pet boarding facility.

In this article, we’ll look at some excellent tips to calm your pet’s anxiety before boarding.


4 Tips to Calm Anxious Pets Before Boarding


To make the pet boarding experience easier and more pleasant for your pet, follow these tips:


1.   Choose the Facility Wisely


If you’re planning to leave your pet at a boarding facility, you need to do some research. Make sure you pick a reputable boarding facility that will treat your pets with the care they deserve. The better the facility, the more comfortable your pet will be. A good facility will treat your pet as if it’s their own and care for its every need. This will give your pet a great experience that eases their anxiety and helps make the next boarding a more pleasant experience.


A great way to ensure you’ve found a good pet boarding facility is to go for a tour before sending your pet. Check the environment, workers’ professionalism, and make sure there’s a vet available for emergency cases.


2.   Socialize Your Pet


Socialization skills are essential for dogs. Even if your dog is well socialized, take them to the pet boarding facility to get to know the employees and the environment. Let your pet get comfortable with everything in the boarding center while you are with them. If your dog becomes anxious and fearful upon the visit or hesitates to socialize, do your best to calm them and create a positive experience with the facility.


3.   Send Them with Items from Home


One of the biggest causes of anxiety with pets and boarding facilities is the change in environment. Your animal is now experiencing new smells, new people, other animals, and a new environment that can make them feel nervous. To ease their anxiety, bring their favorite items from home. This can include things like sleeping mats, toys, or clothes frequently used by your pet. You can also leave them with a blanket that you’ve used to keep your scent close.


4.   Give Instructions to Boarding Staff


Help your boarding facility get to know your pet. If they don’t socialize well with others, the facility should know in advance. Share any helpful information that can make your pet’s stay more comfortable. For example, discuss what makes your pet anxious or aggressive. Bring your pet food from home and share their feeding schedule. The better your boarding staff knows your animal when you leave, the easier it will be for them to keep your furry friend comfortable while you’re gone.


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5 Ways to Get Hair Out of Your Drain

If your bathtub or sink retains water, you are most likely dealing with a clogged drain. Drains can quickly become partially or completely blocked by hair or other chemicals. Even if you use a stopper, strands of hair can slip into your drains and create a blockage. Unlike other drain clogs, hair clogs are much easier to remove from your drains. Let’s discuss some simple methods to remove hair from your drain.


5 Ways to Remove Drain Blockages Caused by Hair


If you have a clogged drain that is blocked by hair buildup, here are some DIY methods you can try before calling a professional drain cleaning service.


1.   Use Wire Hanger or Tweezers


Pulling the hair out of your drain with tweezers or wire hangers is the most efficient technique for removing a clog from your drain. First, inspect the drain with a light to see how far down the blockage goes. Then, you can use long-nosed tweezers to remove the blockage. You can also use a wire hanger to grab the hair if you can’t see it. Simply mold the wire hanger into a hook that can perform the same function as a claw. It is a valuable tool for every homeowner to keep on hand in case of a simple drain clog.


2.Baking Soda


Hair can be effectively removed from drains using a solution of baking soda and vinegar. When combined, the two ingredients make a simple, environmentally friendly, and safe alternative to chemical drain cleaners. Pour equal parts of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to create an acidic chemical reaction that can assist in clearing drains and breaking down hair blockages. Let the solution sit in your drain for a few hours as it breaks down the buildup. After a few hours, rinse the drain with hot water to remove any residual particles.


3. Boiling Water


Boiling water is perhaps the easiest solution for hair removal from drains. One of the most typical causes of hair buildup in your drain is when hair sticks to soap and grease buildup on the inside of your pipes. Boiling water can often break down hair blockages and free up any debris accumulation that is creating the drain clogs. Simply boiling water in a pan and pouring it down the drain can remove most grease, soap, and hair accumulation, freeing up your drain.


4. Bleach


Using bleach can also help remove hair quickly. Pour a cup of liquid bleach down the drain, and the hair should disintegrate in approximately half an hour. If some remains, add another cup of bleach. Be sure to use proper ventilation any time you use bleach products inside.


5. Use Vacuum


If the hair blockage isn’t too far down the drain and the oil and soap buildup isn’t bad, you might be able to vacuum up the blockage. First, ensure that the drain is open and as dry as possible. Then, plug the top of the drain with a nozzle attachment and suck out the contents.


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Eye Drops: Which Are Best For Your Eyes

When we encounter eye problems like redness, itchiness, puffiness, bacterial and viral infections, eye drops can help resolve these issues. Doctors usually recommend different types of eye drops to help our eyes recover based on our symptoms.


As long as eye drops are used as recommended, they are very safe. There is a significant difference between over-the-counter eye drops and prescription eye drops. Before you decide which eye drops to use, you need to understand the different types.


Typically, all eye drops have a saline mixture as their primary ingredient. This provides lubrication to your eyes, relieves itchiness and redness, and works to resolve your issue. Depending on the type of eye issue you have, some drops may contain steroids, antihistamines, and other anti-inflammatory drugs. The good news is that eye drops rarely have side effects.


Let’s take a closer look at the best eye drops for your eye condition.


Best Eye Drops For Eye Issues


Let’s take a look at the most common types of eye drops used by patients.


Artificial Tears


Artificial tears are commonly used to provide lubrication to the eyes. These types of eye drops usually contain glycerine and hyaluronic acid. Most of these drops are over-the-counter, which means you don’t need a prescription. Some of these drops can blur the vision a bit because they create a coating over the eye. The most common brands include:


Everclear Eye Drops


This brand uses herbal ingredients. They are natural, budget-friendly, and provide an instant soothing effect.


Hycosan Extra Eye Drops


Using a preservative-free formula, these drops are incredibly effective for severe dryness.




Specially designed for lens wearers, Blink eye drops provide relief to tired and dry eyes.


Eye Drops for Redness


Redness of the eyes can be caused by fatigue, seasonal allergies, lack of sleep, and many other factors. These kinds of eye drops usually contain drugs called vasoconstrictors. These eliminate redness by shrinking tiny blood vessels in the white part of the eyes. You can use the following eye drops for eye redness.




This fast action, effective eye drop is a great product to eliminate redness.


Clear Eyes


Affordable and effective, Clear Eyes does a great job of eliminating redness due to allergies and other issues.




One of the most trusted brands on the market, Visine provides redness relief without any side effects.


Eye Drops for Sore Eyes, Swelling, or Discharge


Sore and swollen eyes can occur from visual stress like crying, inflammation, and allergies. These eye drops contain anti-histamines to reduce itchiness. Other drugs included are doxycycline hyclate, levofloxacin, polymyxin b/trimethoprim. The most common eye drop brands for sore, swollen, or watery eyes include:


Clear Eyes Itchy Eye Relief


Clear Eyes itchy eye relief provides instant relief for sore eyes and helps treat minor irritation.


Zatidor Antihistamine Eye Drops


For runny eyes due to seasonal allergies, Zatidor Antihistamine eye drops provide instant relief with just one drop within 12 hours.


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How to Qualify for an FHA Loan with a Low Credit Score

FHA loans provide great assistance for those looking for mortgage loans with lower down payment requirements if you are a first-time homeowner. This is a massive benefit for most people, as the current state of our economy has left many people struggling. Before you apply for your FHA loan, you need to understand whether you qualify. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of FHA and loans and what you need to qualify.


Benefits of FHA Loans


There are several veterans to FHA loans.


  • Since most traditional loans simply exclude applicants with low credit scores, the FHA makes loans available to these applicants with lower requirements. This makes it easier for you to qualify if you don’t meet the strict requirements of traditional loans.
  • Unlike other loans, the FHA loan has lower fees all around. This includes lower closing costs, mortgage insurance, financing rates, and down payments.
  • The best thing about FHA loan is that it provides lower interest rates to homeowners to afford housing payments comfortably and their income is not significantly impacted.


Requirements to Qualify


Applicants interested in an FHA loan are required to have a minimum FICO score of 580 to qualify. The down payment cost for a rate of 580 or above is 3.5%.


The FHA loan program has introduced some new policies working well in helping people get loans. The new guidelines have helped almost 100,000 families with lower credit to qualify for a loan. As the FHA loans have become more flexible over the past years, many people have refinanced with an FHA loan.


Qualifying With Lower Credit Score


Even if your credit score is lower than 580, you can qualify for the FHA. Just keep in mind that a lower credit score means you will be required to leave a high down payment and possibly pay higher interest rates. If your FICO score is lower than 580, then you are not excluded from the eligibility list. Still, you are obligated to give a 10% down payment.


If you are a homeowner and you are about to take the FHA, you might want to take some time to build your credit first. The minimum score to qualify for FA loans is 500, and no one can be eligible below this score.


Before you apply for an FHA loan, it’s best to talk to a financial advisor to discuss your options. While FHA loans are an excellent option for those with credit score issues, a professional advisor can help determine if it’s the right option for you. They can also ensure that you get the best rates possible.


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5 Fences That Aren’t Your Plain and Standard Fence

Your privacy to your yard and home is one of the most important things to any household. A regular fence does get the job done in creating that privacy, but sometimes one may wonder, “Could I have a more fashionable, creative fence than that normal, plain picket or chain fence?” Most people wouldn’t bother too much with trying to create a new and crazy fence, but there are numerous options that will allow the homeowner to create a new fence that is unique to their style and household.



Here are 5 fences that aren’t your plain and standard fence.



Shorter Wooden Panels with Staining and Paint


Fencing is usually used to create a more private area in your yard, but sometimes using a shorter fence is more appealing and unique. A smaller fence can create a home-ier feel as well as a more quaint and cute feel to the yard and home. This also helps create an adorable feel to the space to help bring the entire yard together. To help add to the unique feel to the fence, most would use a stain or paint to customize it.



Strip Fencing


Strip fencing is when you take strips of wood and create a fencing layering the vertical strips of wood. Most would end up purchasing new lumber from a lumber yard to create a sense of uniqueness, but another popular way to create this kind of fencing, as well as trying to create a more earth-friendly fence. When creating the fence, all that is needed is wooden panels. The best way to create this look by recycling is by using reused wooden pallets.





For those unfamiliar with gabions, it is where metal wiring is used to hold stones and rocks together to create a barrier and fencing. It is a very stylish and unique fencing that is not seen commonly around neighborhoods. While it can be expensive in some cases, it is a very stylish addition to any fence. It also is primarily used with another kind of fencing, usually wood, to help create a contrast with other fences, creating an even more unique and special fencing.



Low-Level Fencing With Bushes


Similar to the first kind of fencing, this fencing is a more stylish type of fencing than a type of fencing that is more privacy driven. It is also a unique fence that creates a calming feeling to any yard. The fencing can be created using any material and bushes to help add to the height of the fence. It is a stylish and useful fence for any yard that is nothing like your traditional fence.



Planks Used as Deck Paneling and Fencing


When looking at fencing, one may want to create a cohesive pallet that brings the entire yard together. Any easy way to accomplish this effect is by using the same type of planks for deck paneling as well as fencing. It creates a lovely and cohesive feel in the yard.




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How Does Your Power Steering System Work?

For those who don’t know cars well, understanding the power steering system can be complicated. In this article, we’re going to break it down so you can understand everything you need to know about how your power steering system works.


Hydraulic Power Steering


A hydraulic power steering system works by using a hydraulic system to multiply the force applied to the steering wheels inputs to the vehicle’s front road wheels. The hydraulic pressure comes from a rotary vane pump that’s driven by the vehicle’s engine. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder applies force to the steering gear. This is what steers your roadwheels. The steering wheel operates valves to control the flow to the cylinder. The more torque a driver applies to the steering wheel and column, the more fluid passes through the cylinder, and the more force is applied to steer the wheels.


Electro-Hydraulic Systems


Electro-hydraulic power steering systems work slightly differently than basic hydraulic systems. Abbreviated as EHPS and sometimes called hybrid systems, these use the same assist technology as hydraulic systems. However, the hydraulic pressure comes from a pump driven by an electric motor instead of a belt drive.


Electric Systems


Electric power steering or motor-driven power steering uses an electric motor instead of a hydraulic system. Electric systems assist the driver of the vehicle by using sensors to detect the position and torque of the steering column. A computer module then applies assistive torque through the motor, which connects to the steering gear or the steering column. This allows assistance to be used in varying amounts based on driving conditions.


Electric systems have the advantage of fuel efficiency because there is no belt-driven hydraulic pump that runs constantly. The elimination of the belt-driven engine accessory is another significant advantage. As well as the elimination of several high-pressure hydraulic hoses between the hydraulic pump and the steering gear. This simplifies manufacturing and maintenance.


Steering and Alignment


Traditionally, when you turn the steering wheel, all wheels on your vehicle turn in the same direction. When all the inner workings of your power steering system are operating to their best abilities, there’s still one thing to consider when it comes to your steering system- wheel alignment. Safe steering and proper wheel alignment work together to drive your vehicle effectively.


When cars are first manufactured, your wheels are preset at particular angles to keep them running straight and help your car ride smoothly. Unfortunately, your alignment can get thrown off over time. Hitting bumps in the road, driving over potholes, or going on unpaved roads can all cause your wheel alignment to shift. Improper alignment doesn’t just shorten the lifespan of your tires. Still, it also affects your ability to safely and accurately steer your vehicle.


Proper alignment helps ensure your vehicle will move in the direction you steer and keep you where you need to be on the road. Luckily, improper wheel alignment can be easily fixed with an adjustment from a reliable auto mechanic.


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