Things You Should Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

When dealing with a personal injury claim, you may have a variety of questions. If you have not started on the claim yet, it may be a valuable asset to sit down with a professional law injury attorney to discuss any further questions you may have. Personal injury attorneys can be a rich source of information when it comes to the matter of personal injury law itself, so you could definitely benefit from sitting down with an attorney for a consultation. Not sure what kind of questions you should be asking a personal injury attorney? Some of the most common (and helpful) questions you can inquire about with an attorney you are thinking of hiring may include:


  • What are your fees? Some personal injury attorneys may work on a contingency fee basis, which means they don’t charge you a fee unless you recover money damages in your case. If you recover money after, many attorneys may take anywhere from 25-40%, but this varies and depends on other factors too.


  • Have you tried any similar personal injury cases like mine before? Some personal injury lawyers may have experience working with only slip and fall cases, or truck accidents. You will want to ask a potential lawyer what kind of personal injury cases they’ve tried to make sure they have experience to handle yours. No personal injury cases are the same, but in terms of incidents, there are some lawyers who have worked a certain type of personal case injury, or even handle many types!


  • Can you spot any issues or difficulties in my case? Personal injury cases may come with their fair share of obstacles. A personal injury lawyer who has the experience of handling various cases will be able to tell you upfront issues or difficulties that may come up with your case. This honesty can help you be better prepared for what is to come.


  • How can I be updated on my case? You’ll want to get clarity on how updates and communication will work. Whether the occasional update is fine with you, or you want to hear about every small step in the case, be sure to ask a personal injury attorney upfront. The attorney themselves might reach out to you, or a paralegal or secretary may do so.


  • How long will a resolution take? Though there is no exact timeframe when it comes to a personal injury case, as every case is different, a professional and experienced personal injury attorney will be able to give you a general timeframe. An attorney who talks resolution time with you knowledgeably is one that has a pretty good idea of the personal injury claim system.


When it comes to finding that one expert personal injury attorney to handle your case, you can’t just go with any lawyer. You want an attorney who has the experience and skill to bring your personal injury claim forward with confidence. For a personal injury attorney in Claremont, turn to Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.










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